11/27/10 21:45:22 z von HP Rutschmann

New ATC-TD Leader

Today, Mike Welten has taken Leadership in our ATC-TD, as Jürg steps back due to real life commitments.

Jürg, many thanks for the tremendous amount of work you've performed for all of us during many years!

Mike, many thanks and good luck with your additional job.

We are also happy having won two new members interested in becoming mentors - stay tuned.

08/30/10 11:50:50 z von HP Rutschmann

Observers begging for Credentials

Obviously, there are observers around trying to persuade controllers to give him ID and password. As you may expect, this is not only contrary to VATSIM rules and regulations, but also against common sense to do so.

So - Don't!

03/16/10 15:35:36 z von Pascal Pulver

New QuickRef sheets

SID&STAR QuickRef sheet updated.
There are no RNAV transitions included yet. Stay tuned for the new LSZH transitions to be updated later.

download: www.vacc.ch/file/156

LSAS QuickRef sheet overworked.
- LSZB, LSZR and EDNY STARs updated
- some changes regarding München
- LIMM_APP FL corrected: now FL205

download: www.vacc.ch/file/151

03/15/10 21:37:34 z von Pascal Pulver

New LSZH GND chart

Attention! These changes are important to pilots and ATC controllers.

New LSZH ground chart available:

download: www.vacc.ch/file/34

- B stands / construction area
- C / D stands updated / removed
- G stands
- Intermediate Holding Position (RWY 28, see below)


At Zurich Airport Intermediate Holding Position were introduced some time ago. It's already implemented in the Freez v0.9 scenery. What is different to the holding point and what do you have to consider?

Definition: Intermediate holding position. A designatd position intended for traffic control at which taxiing aircraft and vehicles shall stop and hold until further cleared to proceed, when so instructed by ATC.

Each position has it's own expression. That is the main difference to the holding point which is only a generall definition. An intermediate holding postition on taxiway "A" starts normally (not always!) with "A" followed by a figure. So, the first one it's called "A1", the second one "A2" and so on. At Zurich there are now four positions: A1, S1, S2 and Y1. You can find them south of threshold runway 28.


ATC: SWR123 taxi to the intermediate holding position A1 via E and A.

You don't have to mention the runway anymore in the taxi instruction.
You may shorten the expression:

ATC: SWR123 taxi to holding position A1 via E and A.

Traffic taxiing from GAC Sector 1:
A piston aircraft needs a run-up prior departure. Have a look at the
map. There is a run-up area east of the intermediate holding position S1. So, piston aircaft must taxi via the holding position S1. All other taxi preferably via S2 whether it is a VFR or IFR flight.

Example piston aircraft, VFR flight:
ATC: HBCDE QNH 1015, taxi to holding position S1, when ready for departure contact Tower 118.1

Example jet, IFR flight:
ATC: HBJED taxi to holding position S2.

03/15/10 20:40:52 z von Pascal Pulver

New LSZR charts

New Approach, Arrival and Departure charts available for LSZR

download: www.vacc.ch/en/documents/airports_and_charts/LSZR

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