12/13/21 15:02:52 z von Ramon Balimann

Cross The Land 2022 Westbound Voting

The CTL team are pleased to announce that voting is open for our Westbound event in February! And the vACC Switzerland is happy to announce that we participate with Geneva (LSGG) in the voting!

How do I vote?
Head over to the website ( and login via VATSIM Connect, once logged in head to the navigation bar at the top. From there click on "Airfield Voting". You will be greeted with a VATEUD Large, Medium, and Small categories followed by a general VATMENA category. Members should put their first, second, and last priority for their EUD & MENA options for each category, each vote at the end of the period will be calculated based on Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.

Of course vote for LSGG in the VATEUD Medium categories!

Thanks for your support 

06/26/21 15:03:11 z von Ramon Balimann

Summer Break 2021

Dear Pilots and Controller

As holiday season is approaching in Switzerland and hopefully some weeks of nice and warm weather, vACC Switzerland will make a little Summer Break in terms of events. After the Zurich Night from 29th June there will be no event until Zurich Night from 10th August.

So the next weekly/monthly Events from vACC Switzerland are

Zurich Night: 10th August 2021
Alpine Crossing: 12th August 2021
Geneva - One by One: 27th August 2021

This only means that are no events organised. There will still be ATC coverage at Switzerland, check out the bookings on on the right side.

Enjoy the nice weather until then and see you back on 10th August at LSZH!

Event Team vACC Switzerland

04/18/20 07:59:09 z von Ramon Balimann

Cross The Land Eastbound Voting

Airport Votings for the Cross The Land Eastbound 2020 are open now. To vote, please visit  and log in with your VATSIM ID. Final voting date will be 2nd of May at 2359z.

Thanks for your vote for Zurich (LSZH) and hopefully see you on 13th June 2020 at LSZH for Cross The Land! 

03/17/20 15:08:00 z von Ramon Balimann

VA Meeting 2020

vACC Switzerland is happy to announce the next edition of our annualy VA Meeting! This year we will be online on 28th March from 1400 to 2100z and will guide you safely to and from Zurich (LSZH). You can find all Informations and Bookings for your flights on 

See you on 28th March!

10/13/19 19:04:16 z von Tim Peter

Audio For VATSIM

The VATSIM infrastructure will undergo an update in the next 24 hours.

"Audio For VATSIM" gets us even closer to reality and sets new standards in VHF and HF simulation.

Update your clients now and get ready for the new experience!

Check out for a step by step guide.



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