06/26/24 21:07:07 z von Hisham Omar

Summer Break 2024

Dear members and guests,
The sweltering heat and shining sun can surely only mean one thing; summer has arrived. This first semester has been chock full of obstacles, learning opportunities and growth, buoyed and supported by the feedback and contributions from both inside and outside of the department. And after a packed first half of 2024, what can be better to celebrate the pleasant weather and long days than a break?
In the interest of allowing our members to unwind, recover from the many busy events and return to them in full form, we are proud to announce our annual vACC Summer Break which will take place from the 1st of July to the 18th of August inclusive. Our plans for the end of June remain unchanged.
We have slated a strong return to the radar scopes on the 20th of August which will see our iconic "Zurich Night" franchise come back to those who miss it most. More details relevant to planned events will follow in due course.
Please find below some key dates for the break:
  • 25th June, last "Zurich Night" event,
  • 28th June, last event before the break ("Geneva One-By-One"),
  • 20th August, first event after the break ("Zurich Night").
Whilst some will be enjoying a much deserved holiday in the interim, the Administration Department will have to order its Piña Colada to go as it will be busy working on a number of enticing projects and unique events, hopefully catered to our members' notes and best conceived for an interesting and captivating second-half of the year. As usual, we welcome any and all feedback relative to our events and invite all members with suggestions and ideas to write us at administration(a); we will be more than happy to brainstorm.
But until our return, we would like to extend sincere thanks to our dedicated and active community for their support, coverage and patronage of our events, be it in the cockpit or in front of the radar scope. We hope to see you all in strong spirits and solid shape for our August return and wish you a relaxing and enjoyable summer!

12/23/22 17:20:40 z von Ramon Balimann

Christmas Break 2022

Dear members and guests,

After an eventful year and a busy season of events, we felt it best to allow some time for our members to celebrate the holiday season among family and friends. As such, vACC Switzerland is taking a Winter Break from the 20th of December 2022 to the 10th of January 2023. Though no planned events will take place until our return on the 10th (starting the 2023 season with a Zurich Night), training of our ATCOs still takes place and certain CPTs and Checkouts have been scheduled in the mean time. Please find below the key exams dates as of now;

- 28th December 2022, 19-21z, S2 TWR Checkout Niki Bischof,
- 30th December 2022, 19-21z, S3 Approach CPT Marco Bähler,
- 7th January 2023, 18-20z, S2 TWR CPT Simon Tiziani.

Support during these exams as traffic is highly appreciated and we thank you for your help and already good luck to the trainees!

I want to sincerely thank our members for their dilligent support, hard work and loyality to our association.

I wish all our members a merry Christmas, a happy New Years and a joyful holiday season!

Ramon Balimann
Leader vACC Switzerland

07/03/22 20:31:57 z von Ramon Balimann

Summer Break 2022

After a busy first half of the year, vACC Switzerland is proud of its successful events and engagement from fellow members. In the view of planning the second half of the year, advancing existing projects and allowing for some downtime for our members, vACC Switzerland will be taking a summer break from the 5th of July to the 16th of August.

Below you will find some key dates for the break:

5th July, Zurich Night
29th July, Geneva One by One (only event during the break)
16th August, Zurich Night

The new season of events will begin with a Zurich Night on the 16th of August, after which all our regular events will return. We are also pleased to announce a new edition of our Staff The Minors event. The now staple Transversal Thursday events will resume on the 15th of September in agreement with our French partners.

We have many exciting and promising plans in sight for the second half of 2022 and are eager to share them with you in due time. Until then, we thank you again for your engagement and wish you a most pleasant summer break!


12/13/21 15:02:52 z von Ramon Balimann

Cross The Land 2022 Westbound Voting

The CTL team are pleased to announce that voting is open for our Westbound event in February! And the vACC Switzerland is happy to announce that we participate with Geneva (LSGG) in the voting!

How do I vote?
Head over to the website ( and login via VATSIM Connect, once logged in head to the navigation bar at the top. From there click on "Airfield Voting". You will be greeted with a VATEUD Large, Medium, and Small categories followed by a general VATMENA category. Members should put their first, second, and last priority for their EUD & MENA options for each category, each vote at the end of the period will be calculated based on Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.

Of course vote for LSGG in the VATEUD Medium categories!

Thanks for your support 

06/26/21 15:03:11 z von Ramon Balimann

Summer Break 2021

Dear Pilots and Controller

As holiday season is approaching in Switzerland and hopefully some weeks of nice and warm weather, vACC Switzerland will make a little Summer Break in terms of events. After the Zurich Night from 29th June there will be no event until Zurich Night from 10th August.

So the next weekly/monthly Events from vACC Switzerland are

Zurich Night: 10th August 2021
Alpine Crossing: 12th August 2021
Geneva - One by One: 27th August 2021

This only means that are no events organised. There will still be ATC coverage at Switzerland, check out the bookings on on the right side.

Enjoy the nice weather until then and see you back on 10th August at LSZH!

Event Team vACC Switzerland



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