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LFSB - Basel
METEO Reports
121030Z 28006KT 250V330 9999 FEW050TCU BKN260 27/16 Q1021 NOSIG
120500Z 1206/1306 VRB04KT CAVOK
PROB30 TEMPO 1209/1219 30012KT FEW050TCU

Charts - LFSB
E   All charts provided by SIA21.05.2017

Sceneries - LFSB
E Freeware Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg20.09.2011
E Freeware XPFR - EuroAirport Bale Mulhouse XP1121.08.2018
E Payware France VFR - Bâle-Mulhouse FSX24.04.2020
E Payware FSDT EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg P3DV4.4+ & MSFS10.01.2020
E Payware JustSim Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg MSFS29.10.2020
E Payware JustSim Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg P3Dv4.4+24.04.2020
E Payware JustSim Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg XP1124.04.2020

LSAS_CTR Swiss Radar 128.050 MHz
LSAS_A_CTR Swiss Radar 135.670 MHz
LSAS_B_CTR Swiss Radar 133.900 MHz
LSAS_C_CTR Swiss Radar 135.150 MHz
LSAS_D_CTR Swiss Radar 128.900 MHz
LSAS_F_CTR Swiss Radar 124.020 MHz
LSAS_G_CTR Swiss Radar 134.320 MHz
LSAS_H_CTR Swiss Radar 134.020 MHz
LSAS_J_CTR Swiss Radar 133.620 MHz
LSAS_U_CTR Swiss Radar 133.400 MHz
LSAS_V_CTR Swiss Radar 133.050 MHz
LSAS_I_CTR Swiss Information 124.700 MHz
LFSB_APP Basel Approach 119.350 MHz
LFSB_C_APP Basel Control 135.850 MHz
LFSB_TWR Basel Tower 118.300 MHz
LFSB_GND Basel Ground 121.600 MHz
LFSB_DEL Basel Delivery 120.500 MHz
LFSB_ATIS Basel ATIS 127.870 MHz


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