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LSZH - Zurich (major airport)

(c) Picture by Tis Meyer

Zürich ist ohne Zweifel der bedeutenste Flughafen der Schweiz. Mit drei Start- und Landebahnen, die je nach Wind und Uhrzeit (siehe Preferential Runway System) genutzt werden.
Winterliche Nebellagen verlangen von Piloten die Fähigkeit, auch eine CAT II oder sogar eine CAT IIIb Landung hinzulegen. Das Alpenpanorama, welches man nach dem Start geniessen kann, sowie die verfügbaren, hochqualitativen Szenerien für den Flugsimulator setzen dem Flug noch das Sahnehäubchen auf.

Zurich is without doubt the most important airport in Switzerland. Depending on the wind and time of the day, different runway configurations are in use (see Preferential Runway System).
During winter months fog can become predominant and thus, pilots need to execute a CAT II or even a CAT IIIb landing. After departure, one can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Alps and the high quality sceneries available for the different flight simulators add that little extra to your next flight into or out of Zurich.

Runway Preferential runway system
Identifier Approach Dimension Surface
VISUAL 2500 x 60 m
(8202 x 197 ft)
ILS (CAT IIIb) 3300 x 60 m
(10827 x 197 ft)
ILS (CAT IIIb) 3700 x 60 m
(12139 x 197 ft)

Arrivals: RWY 14
Departures: RWY 28
Runways will be used up to 10 kts (RWY 14) and 7 kts (RWY 28) tailwind-component

Weekdays until 0600Z(0500Z summer) arrivals RWY 34,departures RWY 32.
Weekends and holiday until 0800Z(0700Z summer) arrivals RWY 34, departures RWY 32

Weekdays after 2000Z(1900Z summer) arrivals RWY 28, departures RWY 32
Weekends and holidays after 1900Z(1800Z summer) arrivals RWY 28, departures RWY 32

Since on the VATSIM network we have most of our traffic in the evenings, it is the decision of the TOWER ATC to comply or not to comply with these procedures.

METEO Reports
212220Z AUTO 33002KT 7000 3300NW VCFG SCT004 SCT031 M01/M01 Q1020
161420Z 06007KT 010V110 CAVOK 12/03 Q1017 NOSIG
161125Z 1612/1718 06010KT CAVOK TX12/1614Z TN03/1705Z TX13/1714Z
BECMG 1615/1618 04005KT
BECMG 1618/1621 VRB02KT
PROB40 TEMPO 1704/1708 9999 SCT007
BECMG 1709/1711 04005KT
BECMG 1716/1718 VRB02KT

Charts - LSZH
F Approach APCH14-1 RWY14 TRANS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH14-2 RWY14 ILS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH14-3 RWY14 LOC25.01.2024
F Approach APCH14-4 RWY14 RNP25.01.2024
F Approach APCH16-1 RWY16 TRANS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH16-2 RWY16 ILS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH16-3 RWY16 LOC25.01.2024
F Approach APCH28-1 RWY28 TRANS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH28-2 RWY28 ILS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH28-3 RWY28 LOC25.01.2024
F Approach APCH28-4 RWY28 RNP25.01.2024
F Approach APCH28-5 RWY28 VOR25.01.2024
F Approach APCH34-1 RWY34 TRANS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH34-2 RWY34 ILS25.01.2024
F Approach APCH34-3 RWY34 LOC25.01.2024
F Approach APCH34-4 RWY34 RNP23.01.2024
F Approach APCH34-5 RWY34 VOR25.01.2024
F Arrival STAR1 AMIKI25.01.2024
F Arrival STAR2 GIPOL RNAV25.01.2024
F Arrival STAR3 GIPOL NON-RNAV25.01.2024
F Departure DEP1 TRANSIT DEGES ZUE23.01.2024
F Departure DEP2 TRANSIT VEBIT WIL23.01.2024
F Departure SID Suspended23.01.2024
F Departure SID02 RWY34 VEBIT RNP1+RF25.01.2024
F Departure SID03 RWY32 DEGES ZUE RNAV125.01.2024
F Departure SID04 RWY34 DEGES ZUE RNAV125.01.2024
F Departure SID05 RWY32 VEBIT RNAV1 25.01.2024
F Departure SID06 RWY34 VEBIT RNAV1 25.01.2024
F Departure SID07 DEGES25.01.2024
F Departure SID08 VEBIT25.01.2024
F Departure SID09 WIL25.01.2024
F Departure SID10 ZUE25.01.2024
F Departure SID10-1 RWY10 GERSA VEBIT RNP1+RF23.01.2024
F Departure SID10-2 RWY10 DEGES GERSA VEBIT ZUE RNAV125.01.2024
F Departure SID10-3 RWY10 WIL NON-RNAV25.01.2024
F Departure SID16-1 RWY16 DEGES RNAV125.01.2024
F General Airspace22.08.2016
F Ground GND1 AD25.01.2024
F Ground GND2 Code-F25.01.2024
F Ground GND3 Parking11.12.2014
C Package Fullpack25.01.2024
F VFR VAC25.01.2024

Sceneries - LSZH
E Freeware TDG Zurich Airport Switzerland XP1121.08.2018
E Freeware Zurich FSX & P3D11.07.2017
E Payware Aerosoft Airport Zurich V2.0 XP01.06.2016
E Payware Aerosoft Mega Airport Zurich V2.012.11.2015
E Payware Aerosoft Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 professional21.08.2018
E Payware Zurich v2 MSFS202020.11.2020

LSAS_CTR Swiss Radar 135.015 MHz
LSAS_I_CTR Swiss Information 124.700 MHz
LSAZ_CTR Swiss Radar 133.050 MHz
LSAZ_E_CTR Swiss Radar 133.905 MHz
LSAZ_N_CTR Swiss Radar 136.155 MHz
LSAZ_S_CTR Swiss Radar 128.050 MHz
LSAZ_W_CTR Swiss Radar 135.680 MHz
LSZH_APP Zurich Arrival 135.230 MHz
LSZH_W_APP Zurich Arrival (West) 130.560 MHz
LSZH_F_APP Zurich Final 125.330 MHz
LSZH_DEP Zurich Departure 125.955 MHz
LSZH_TWR Zurich Tower 118.100 MHz
LSZH_2_TWR Zurich Tower 120.230 MHz
LSZH_GND Zurich Ground 121.905 MHz
LSZH_N_GND Zurich Apron (North) 121.855 MHz
LSZH_S_GND Zurich Apron (South) 121.755 MHz
LSZH_DEL Zurich Delivery 121.930 MHz
LSZH_ATIS Zurich ATIS 125.730 MHz


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