01/20/13 19:55:08 z von Mike Welten

vACC Switzerland TeamSpeak

It's a pleasure for me to announce that we're finally upgrading our TeamSpeak-Server from v2 up to v3. There are a lot new functions implemented, it has a more modern look and the voice quality is improved.

We've waited quite some time, as we wanted to have an easy setup to connect your vatsim-id and your TeamSpeak-3-id together.
There are written guides (available in German and English) which will guide you trough the setup and configuration-pages of your new client.

You can find those guides on our home page in the following categories:

IMPORTANT: The change from TS2 to TS3 will be on Wed, January 23rd, 00:00 UTC.

You can set up your TS3 installation right now and connect yourself to our new server.
But please keep in mind that TS2 is the coordination platform for controllers before the release/changeover date - thank you.

11/19/12 10:08:49 z von Mike Welten

Wanted: C++ programmer

vACC-Switzerland needs a programmer with C++ knowledge.

If you are willing to help us, please send a mail to "technology@vacc.ch" - thank you!

05/21/12 19:20:01 z von Jonas Kuster

New/Updated Charts

Effective with AIRAC from March 2012, SIDs in Zurich out of RWY 28 have changed and therefore a new designator. Check for the newest charts (revision May 19th) before you go online the next time!

Since begin of this year, we also get updated charts from Geneva LSGG, Sion LSGS, St. Gallen LSZR, Lugano LSZA and Grenchen LSZG. And finally we have charts new created for Emmen Airbase LSME.

Many Thanks to charts designer!!!

04/12/12 07:34:52 z von HP Rutschmann

vACC Switzerland has a bank account

From now on, vACC Switzerland association has a bank account:

Verein vACC Schweiz
CH-4143 Dornach
IBAN CH79 8093 9000 0043 1125 1

As laid out in the bylaws Art. 23, it offers the opportunity to accept monetary donations which will primarily be used to maintain the vACCs expenses such as software licenses, domains and the like.

09/25/11 20:27:46 z von Nicolas Ammann

Changes in LSZH and LSGG

The frequencies of the following stations have been changed:


LSZH_APP  OLD: 120.750  -->  NEW: 131.150

LSZH_DEL  OLD: 121.800  -->  NEW: 121.920

LSGG_A_GND  OLD: 121.750  -->  NEW: 121.850


Pilots: Please check the new charts for LSZH, updated charts for LSGG will be published soon.

 Controllers: Update your client data to AIRAC 1110 before the next online session! Check that you connect with the correct frequency! There is also a new SOP for LSZH released, LSGG will be updated soon.

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