12/12/14 07:50:03 z von Yves Gabi

New sectorfile / Charts Update / SOP Update

Dear all

Yesterday some bigger changes have been implemented. The Swiss Radar sectors (_CTR) experienced changes regarding sectorisation as well some stations have received new frequencies. WEF was 11.12.2014. 

As a result, the new sectorfile and updated documents have been released.

The files are:

- New sectorfile
- LSZH Charts
- LSGG Charts
- LSAS Sector Allocation
- LSAS Quick Ref
- SID/STAR Quick Ref
- Trackmiles LSZH/LSGG

I would like to thank the OPS team, especially Jonas Kuster, Nicolas Ammann and Michael Kühne. You all have done a great job over the last months. Thank you for the great work on this huge update.

As well a big thank to GNG (Global Nav Generator) which created a great sectorfile. GNG will be our partner for future sectorfile updates. 

Regarding the sector file: Please do a complete clean installation as described in chapter 2 of the Installation GuideNote that we have not yet rolled out the update package (as nobody can make an update yet). Therefore the updates as described in chapters 3 and 4 are currently not available. Please wait until an update has been announced.

For questions or feedback please contact operation@vacc.ch

Have fun with the new files! 

Best regards

Yves Gabi

Leader Operation Departement vACC Switzerland

11/12/14 12:19:52 z von Jonas Kuster

10. ILS Flightsim Weekend Hergiswil

Every year, the Swiss Aviation Interest Group (ILS) organizes the Flightsim Weekend, which will take place on 15th and 16th November 2014 in Hergiswil (Canton Nidwalden). The location at Seehotel Pilatus near the Lake of Lucerne offers a good opportunity to meet both fans and colleagues of the Swiss and international flight simulation scene. Various exhibitors will also be on site, offering an interesting view into the world of virtual aviation. Admission is free!

vACC Switzerland will also partake in this event and will offer in-depth insights into the task area of virtual air traffic controllers. We will explain how the virtual Swiss airspace is being monitored and how pilots are being guided to their destinations. Interested persons can listen in on the frequencies, which makes it easier to follow the events on the radar screens. Additionally, we will be available to answer any question about flying online. During the two days of the event, we also will provide ATC Services at various Swiss airports.

Additionally, there will be some presentations about self-construction simulators, optimizing of computer system for simulation purposes and also an introduction to the virtual flight simulation using VATSIM.

So come and visit us either at Hergiswil, to meet friends of VATSIM, vACC Switzerland and the flight simulator scene or virtually fly to Switzerland.

We look forward to seeing you!

Event website | Mobile version | Map

11/10/13 14:02:48 z von Jonas Kuster

9. ILS Flightsimweekend Hergiswil

The ILS (interest group Swiss aviation) organises the yearly Flightsimweekend which will take place at 16/17 November 2013 in Hergiswil (NW). The location at Seehotel Pilatus near the lake of lucerne offers a good opportunity to meet fans and colleagues of the Swiss and international flight simulation scene. Various exhibitors will be there and offer an interesting view of the world of virtual aviation. Admission is free!

Also vACC Switzerland is participating at the event and will offer a detailed view of the tasks of a virtual ATCo on the first floor. You can even test your skills yourself! Some virtual pilots at the side will join the VATSIM network, the visitors can have a look both from the controllers and from the pilots side. ATC service will be provided during both days at different airports in Switzerland.

Additionally, there will be some presentations about the future of flight simulation, the development of software and also an introduction to the virtual flight simulation using VATSIM.

Join us either at Hergiswil and meet friends from VATSIM, vACC Switzerland and the flight simulation scene or fly virtually to Switzerland!

We look forward to seeing you!

Event website: flightsimweekend.ch
Mobile version: www.airplanes.ch/app/fsw.htm
Map: www.google.ch/maps

01/20/13 19:55:08 z von Mike Welten

vACC Switzerland TeamSpeak

It's a pleasure for me to announce that we're finally upgrading our TeamSpeak-Server from v2 up to v3. There are a lot new functions implemented, it has a more modern look and the voice quality is improved.

We've waited quite some time, as we wanted to have an easy setup to connect your vatsim-id and your TeamSpeak-3-id together.
There are written guides (available in German and English) which will guide you trough the setup and configuration-pages of your new client.

You can find those guides on our home page in the following categories:

IMPORTANT: The change from TS2 to TS3 will be on Wed, January 23rd, 00:00 UTC.

You can set up your TS3 installation right now and connect yourself to our new server.
But please keep in mind that TS2 is the coordination platform for controllers before the release/changeover date - thank you.

11/19/12 10:08:49 z von Mike Welten

Wanted: C++ programmer

vACC-Switzerland needs a programmer with C++ knowledge.

If you are willing to help us, please send a mail to "technology@vacc.ch" - thank you!

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