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As real as it gets ...

Are you fascinated by aviation? Always wanted to be a part of it?
Here you can! It's simple. It's free. In a community of more than 170,000 people, you can simulate the aviation world on VATSIM and find out what we mean when saying "as real as it gets!"

Air Traffic Controller

Enter the world of controlled airspace - no matter whether you never have been online or you've been pilot only. With us, you are trained step by step from Delivery to Center Radar.
No prerequisites needed but the will to learn! After a short briefing with our motivated Mentors you may take the first ATC positions. We deliver a startup package containing all the software and up-to-date documentation you need. Of course free of charge!
Switzerland offers the whole range from airfields to aerodromes: Zurich is one of the largest aerodromes in Europe, Basel-Mulhouse and Geneva play in the midfield, smaller but fully equipped airports as Bern, Sion, Lugano or St. Gallen-Altenrhein are at your fingertips as well as the small airfields like Grenchen or Samedan or many more.
Live through the calm Sunday afternoons with a few VFR flights or our busy Tuesday evening - Zurich online day - when even our most experienced controllers start sweating. Send our online pilots to JFK New York, divert arriving traffic to holdings because the airport is beyond capacity again, help pilots with emergencies like lost engines!
Be a part of it!


You're sick and tired of flying alone or with the simple FS-ATC? Your flightsim is a means to learn flying real life? You're already an ATC and want to "see the other side"?
Come to us and fly with like-minded online in the controlled airspace.
And should Switzerland become too small for you, the whole world stands open. VATSIM is a world wide network, there are communities in about every country on earth. Beginners get a complete training so you're soon able to start with virtual flying. Later on we're ready to answer your question by mail or in our bulletin board. Advanced pilots obtain help on how to fly correctly in controlled airspace.
Furthermore, we offer freeware addon sceneries for many airports, so everything becomes even more realistic. All you need to buy is a Flight Simulator (FS2002, FS2004, FSX, X-Plane). The pilots' client for joining the network - as well as many more pieces of software - are all free of charge. The very same applies to a bunch of charts and in-depth airport info.
Be a part of it!


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