Tue, 4th October 22 1800 UTC -> Tue, 4th October 22 2000 UTC

Zurich Night



Start: Tue, 4th October 22 1800 UTC
End: Tue, 4th October 22 2000 UTC


Welcome to the Zurich Night, the weekly onlineday of Switzerlands major airport! Every Tuesday from 1800z to 2000z, expect full staffing, professional and friendly ATC service and plenty of traffic.

Enjoy one of total 4 IFR approaches or get yourself a spot as a small VFR aircraft between the big birds. VFR flights are still performed regularly despite the airport's size. This makes flying VFR to/from Zurich extremely interesting, but it's also a huge challenge which requires careful preparation. A lot of small airfields in the vicinity offer numerous possibilities for short VFR hops.

Zurich is a unique airport with a lot of operational restrictions due to noise abatement and its challenging layout. We know it by heart and love this airport with all its rough edges. And we are sure you gonna love it as well!

Almost every Tuesday we will also staff Geneva (LSGG) and Basel (LFSB) for you. Check out the bookings on vacc.ch.

Join our frequencies every Tuesday evening and enjoy!


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Wed, 5th October 22 1800 UTC -> Wed, 5th October 22 2000 UTC

Approach CPT Fabian Gilgen



Start: Wed, 5th October 22 1800 UTC
End: Wed, 5th October 22 2000 UTC


Fabian Gilgen will do his Approach CPT

Fly through his airspace and give him some traffic.

Good luck!


Thu, 13th October 22 1800 UTC -> Thu, 13th October 22 2000 UTC

Transversal Thursday - Alpine Crossing



Start: Thu, 13th October 22 1800 UTC
End: Thu, 13th October 22 2000 UTC


For all those who miss our old Alpine Crossings, vACC Switzerland and French vACC are eager to invite you back to our Geneva (LSGG) to Nice (LFMN) route for our eighth edition of “Transversal Thursday”. Enjoy full and proficient ATC service from 18:00z to 20:00z on the 14th of April. Fly south towards the cool Mediterranean breeze and tackle the challenging approaches into the gem of the French Riviera, or head north over the Alps’ melting snow-caps for a scenic arrival surrounded by stunning mountain chains. This journey never fails to surprise even the most seasoned pilots, so bring your skills and your charts and join us this Thursday evening!


Geneva Charts/Scenery
Nice Charts


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Fri, 28th October 22 1800 UTC -> Fri, 28th October 22 2000 UTC

Geneva - One by One



Start: Fri, 28th October 22 1800 UTC
End: Fri, 28th October 22 2000 UTC


Looking for the perfect mix of high traffic and a challenging airport? Last Friday night of the month? Put your kids to bed or place them in the right seat and start your engines, as vACC Switzerland hosts a new edition of one of its most popular events at Geneva International Airport (LSGG). Let us prove to you that size is less important than skill; with a single concrete runway, our controllers face the challenge of getting the timing just right in order to clear you to land just seconds after departing traffic’s gear has left the ground. Needless to say, expect late landing clearances.

Waiting at the holding point? Get ready to line up behind landing traffic or perform a rolling takeoff, as there is bound to be traffic on short final waiting for that late call from Tower. 

We are fully staffed and ready to get you in and out safely, one by one. We are up to the challenge, are you? If so, look out for the chain of landing lights on the ILS in Geneva, every last Friday of the month from 1800z to 2000z.

Geneva (LSGG): Charts | Scenery


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