Events- / ATC-Requests

All Event- and ATC-Requests should be send to our friendly event-team,
reachable on the following mail-address:

If you would like to request our atc services for an event, please send us the following informations:
Name of your VA (eg "Swiss VA"), tag and callsign (eg "Swiss / SWR"), name of the event, eventtype (flyin/flyout/both), affected airports, how many pilots are expected and the time when you need our service.

If you have troubles with the event-team please
get in touch with the leader / deputy-leader administration.

vACC Switzerland - STAFF

STAFF-ID Position Name Mail / Duties
Hover over the mail-address below to see the department's duties
To see a complete list of all duties refer to our bylaws
ACCSUI 1 vACC Leader Tim Peter
ACCSUI 2 vACC Deputy Leader &
Leader Member Dep
Mauro Gerber
ACCSUI 12 Deputy Leader
Member Dep
ACCSUI 3 Leader
ATC-Training Dep
Michael Kühne
ACCSUI 13 Deputy Leader
ATC-Training Dep
Luca Santoro
ACCSUI 4 Leader
Pilot-Training Dep
Marco Bähler
ACCSUI 14 Deputy Leader
Pilot-Training Dep
ACCSUI 5 Leader
Operation Dep
Jonas Kuster
ACCSUI 15 Deputy Leader
Operation Dep
Michael Kühne
ACCSUI 6 Leader
Administration Dep
Ramon Balimann
ACCSUI 16 Deputy Leader
Administration Dep
ACCSUI 7 Leader
Technology Dep
Mike Welten
ACCSUI 17 Deputy Leader
Technology Dep
Hover over the mail-address above to see the department's duties
To see a complete list of all duties refer to our bylaws


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