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vACC Switzerland provides high quality ATC within Swiss airspace on the VATSIM-network. We train controllers and pilots to be a part in the virtual airspace. vACC Switzerland supplies all necessary information and charts for virtual air traffic. We network with other people from VATSIM and cultivate a good friendship online and in real meetings.

All of the work is achieved by the helpers is voluntary and unsalaried. That is why we can offer these services free of charge. Servers are generously sponsored by some of our members.

vACC Switzerland is responsible for the training of our air traffic controllers who provide their service in Switzerland. Detailed self-study documents and further information about vACC Switzerland e.g. charts for the virtual air traffic in Switzerland are available on our homepage.

As well, the forum is part of our homepage where it is possible to discuss questions and find news about upcoming event and trainings. In the forum and at meetings we always have a lot of fun!

Next to the weekly Zurich Onlineday we hold some special event like the Geneva Fly-Inn or an event at one of our alpine airports located between the highest mountains of Europe.


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