10/28/17 19:32:49 z von Jonas Kuster

Revision of SID/STAR charts LSGG

SID and STAR charts of LSGG have been updated WEF AIRAC 1711. The relevant changes are noted individually at the margin of each chart. Please check our charts page and replace your local files. The full package has also been updated accordingly.

08/05/17 09:51:19 z von Jonas Kuster

13. ILS Flightsim Weekend Hergiswil

Every year, the Swiss Aviation Interest Group (ILS) organizes the Flightsim Weekend, which will take place on 11th and 12th November 2017 in Hergiswil (Canton Nidwalden). The location at Seehotel Pilatus near the Lake of Lucerne offers a good opportunity to meet both fans and colleagues of the Swiss and international flight simulation scene. Various exhibitors will also be on site, offering an interesting view into the world of virtual aviation. Admission is free!

vACC Switzerland will also partake in this event and will offer in-depth insights into the task area of virtual air traffic controllers. We will explain how the virtual Swiss airspace is being monitored and how pilots are being guided to their destinations. Interested persons can listen in on the frequencies, which makes it easier to follow the traffic on the radar screens. We will also be available to answer any question about flying online. During the two days of the event, we also will provide ATC Services at various Swiss airports.

Additionally, there will be some presentations about optimizing of computer system for simulation purposes and also an introduction about flying and controlling online using VATSIM.

We look forward to seeing you!

Event website | Mobile version | Map

12/18/16 14:17:54 z von Jonas Kuster

New Charts for Buochs

FlyLogic has recently released it's Airport Buochs X scenery for FSX and P3Dv2/v3. vACC Switzerland is proud to be the official chart provider which are now available also on our website and updated in future if necessary. So why not having a look at the Pilatus aircraft factory? You find a link to all current available sceneries also on our airports and charts overview.

10/22/16 21:20:34 z von Jonas Kuster

12. ILS Flightsim Weekend Hergiswil

Die Interessengemeinschaft Luftfahrt Schweiz (ILS) organisiert das jährliche Flightsim Weekend, welches am 19. und 20. November 2016 in Hergiswil (NW) stattfindet. Das direkt am Vierwaldstättersee gelegene Seehotel Pilatus bietet eine hervorragende Möglichkeit, um Fans und Kollegen aus der Schweizer und internationalen Flugsimulations-Szene zu treffen. Diverse Aussteller werden vor Ort sein und einen interessanten Einblick in die Welt der virtuellen Aviatik bieten. Der Eintritt ist frei!

Auch die vACC Schweiz nimmt an diesem Event teil und wird einen detaillierten Einblick in den Aufgabenbereich der virtuellen Fluglotsen (ATCO) geben. Wir erklären vor Ort wie der virtuelle Schweizer Luftraum überwacht wird und wie die Piloten sicher an ihr Ziel geleitet werden. Interessierte dürfen gerne auf den Frequenzen mithören, um so dem Geschehen auf den Radarschirmen besser folgen zu können. Zudem stehen wir gerne für jegliche Fragen rund um das Thema Online-Fliegen zur Verfügung. Während diesen beiden Tagen werden wir ATC Service an verschiedenen Schweizer Flughäfen anbieten.

Zusätzlich werden Vorträge über die Computeroptimierung für die Simulation oder auch eine Einführung zum virtuelle Fliegen und Lotsen mit VATSIM angeboten.

Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Besucher!

Event website | Mobile version | Map

08/22/16 12:57:17 z von Jonas Kuster

DVOR HOC decommissioned, ALBIX SIDs withdrawn

AIRAC 1609 (WEF 18.08.2016) introduced some major changes.

The Doppler VOR part of HOC (Hochwald) has been decommissioned. HOC is now a DME only. As a result, all HOC SID from Basel (LFBS) and the HOC 2Z STAR from Zurich (LSZH) have been withdrawn.

All ALBIX SIDs except ALBIX1C departure (RWY 10) from Zurich (LSZH) have been withdrawn and are no longer available.

Pilots using older NAV data and asking for one of those procedures shall be informed that they are no longer valid.

The charts in question have been updated. For controllers, revised Quick Reference documents and SOP are available. Please brief yourself with them before your next session and make sure you use the latest sector file.



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