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Training System

This page explains how controller training is implemented in the vACC Switzerland. The specific steps are listed in chronological order. Depending on the state of knowledge, several training steps may be elongated, shortened or even omitted.

First Steps

The first steps are laid out here: click


All controllers have to be online as active ATC for at least 1 hour within 3 months in order to remain controller in vACC Switzerland. If a controller doesn't met this condition, his type will be reset to "registered Visitor", unless he holds a valid "pilot" status. In order to become a controller again, a reapproval by a mentor is necessary.

Further Career

The career system consists of several ratings:
* Student (STU)
* Student 2 (STU2)
* Senior Student (STU+)
* Controller (CTR)
* Senior Controller (CTR+)

To achieve the next rating a controller has to complete the following steps:

1. Briefing on a position

To be rated ATC on a specific position, a so called briefing with an official mentor of Swiss FIR is required. After the controller has passed this briefing successfully, he may staff the specific position without being monitored by a mentor. It's not necessary to have a briefing for all airports. If, for example, a controller has successfully passed the tower briefing in Geneva, then he can also staff the tower in Basel, Bern or elsewhere. An exception to this rule is Zürich: Here is an extra briefing required.

2. Lesson on a position

This lesson is to teach extended knowledge about a certain position. Last, but not least, this knowledge will be necessary to pass the subsequent checks. It will only be held after the controller has collected some practical experience on the specific position in order to have a better training effect. This lesson will take about four hours.

3. Precheck

This is a practical check on a specific position monitored by the FIR chief. The goal of the precheck is primary to prepare for the subsequent CPT and to check if the controller is well prepared for the CPT. There is neither a "pass" nor a "fail" in this check.

4. Controller Performance Test (CPT)

The checkout is to test whether the controller has the practical knowledge to receive the next higher rating. The main difference between the precheck and the checkout is that the controller will be tested by examiners that are specifically trained for this.

5. Eurotest

This written test is to check the theoretical knowledge of a controller about a specific position. It's the last step to receive the next higher rating.

* ACSIM APP Lesson
There is a specialty on Approach/Arrival (APP) position. Beside of the normal briefing and lesson, there is another voluntary lesson. During this lesson, the controller will learn helpful work techniques. As this lesson is quite long, it is split into several sessions.


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