CPT requirements


The prerequisites for a rating upgrade are a theoretical and a practical test. The theoretical test, also called Eurotest, is being organized by VATEUD. For further information browse to http://www.vateud.net. The practical test is subject to supervision through VATEUD but is performed by the vACC.
Both Eurotest and the practical test (Controller Position Test – or short CPT) together are the checks required to obtain a higher rating and opens the doors for either the approval on a further level of ATC staffing or for a further training step.

vACC Switzerland’s general requirements

The technical progress enables flight simulators which are continuously gaining reality and create a more and more realistic flying experience. Furthermore, the steadily growing VATSIM community has a high demand on reality and on our controllers’ knowledge and capability. Being interested in real world aviation and permanent training and exercise are needed for getting higher ratings.
In order to meet the expectations of our pilots, we attach importance to a profound training of our controllers. Along with the theoretical knowledge such as phraseology and airport-specific details, we request an anticipatory and flexible workflow. Our motivated mentors plus numerous training tools are available for a successful education.

CPT procedure

The CPT takes place on an airport chosen by the trainee, usually during main traffic hours. Experience has shown that the time slot between 20:30 and 22:00 is best suitable. Additionally, a warm-up of about half an hour is recommended. So, unless defined otherwise, CPTS start at abou 20:30, local time.
During one to one and a half hours maximum, two seasoned experts are monitoring you whilst you’re doing your usual ATC. If there is little traffic, the examiners will try and generate the traffic peak required for the CPT by intervening softly.
At the end, there will be a debriefing with an evaluation of the trainee’s performance. Eventually, he’ll get some recommendations, and the test result will be presented. The candidate gets the opportunity to give his point of view as well.

Registering for the test

You can register on our Website, where you either can choose a suitable date or – if none available – you’ll be put on a waiting list.

Rating Upgrade

After having passed a practical test, the vACC Switzerland ATC-TD files a recommendation to VATEUD. This recommendation, together with the successful Eurotest result, makes that your rating upgrade will become active. This procedure may take a few days. Please observe that the rating upgrade will be done faster on our website than in VATSIM’s database.
Due to the fact that a passed Eurotest holds only for a specific lapse of time, we warmly recommend that you first pass your CPT and thereafter go for Eurotest. This order saves us a lot of work!

Have fun with the vATC training!


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