ATC - first steps

1. How to become a vController?

The basic requirement is a VATSIM membership. Furthermore, you must be assigned to a vACC. In order to become a controller in Switzerland, you certainly must be a vACC Switzerland member. You already have signed in? If not, please do so at .

Before offering your controlling services, you must participate at several trainings held by vACC Switzerland Mentors.


2. What are the prerequisites?

You should have adequate skills in understanding the English language. Beyond, there are no further needs. However, a few things will help you to a successful career: Motivation for learning and studying, ability to concentrate, a good imagination in three dimensions and certainly enough time and patience for the training.

We recommend starting as a pilot for gaining some hours of experience by communicating with the ATCs. It will help you to familiarize yourself with the environment and you’ll gain some routine e.g. using the right phraseology. Additionally, you’ll learn the pilots’ needs and will be able to offer them a good service.


3. Welcome Mail

After your registration with vACC Switzerland as a controller, you’ll get a welcome mail. This explains the next steps.

You must react within two months on this mail, otherwise your status will be reset to "Registered Visitor" or "Pilot". If necessary, you will be remembered after one month.


4. First training steps

At the Basic Lesson, as the name suggests, the Basics are taught.

    During about two hours, these subjects are touched:
  • Setup and use of the Controller Software (Euroscope)
  • Training system
  • Etiquette / Rules
  • Further steps


Next training step is the Ground Lesson, where you’ll be prepared for action. The lesson includes those topics necessary for the successful controlling on Ground. This training will not be live on VATSIM, however, there is some practical work. Its duration depends on your knowledge.

Next, there is a introduction to Geneva Ground. Here you’ll experience your first “real” Air traffic control, a mentor will assist and support you. Upon successful completion of this Lesson and the internal Ground Exam, you may go online on your own.


5. ATSimtest

Now, it’s time to go for the ATSimtest: This is a theoretical test.

Upon successful completion of this test, you can request the Ground Introduction Study and Ground Introduction LSGG.


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