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LSGG - Geneva

(c) Picture by Markus Wisler

In der Schweizer Statistik kommt Genf gleich nach Zürich. Am Ende des Genfer Sees, zu Füssen des Mont Blanc - Europas höchstem Berg - gelegen, bietet der Flughafen Genf-Cointrin tolle Anflüge über das Wasser oder über bergiges Gelände.
Die 4000 Meter lange Bahn bietet Platz für alle Flugzeugtypen, Langstreckenflüge sind also problemlos möglich. Gleich nach der Ankunft kann sich der virtuelle Pilot dann in ein kleineres Flugzeug setzen und in Richtung Sion abdüsen, einer der spektakulärsten Flugplätze der Schweiz, wenn nicht sogar Europas!

Regarding the movements, Geneva is the second largest airport in Switzerland. Situated at the western end of Lake Geneva and at the feet of Mont Blanc - Europe's highest mountain - Geneva offers beautiful approaches over water or mountainous terrain. The single runway airport can handle all kinds of aircraft. After arriving with a longhaul carrier, the virtual pilot can sit into a small aircraft and fly to Sion, one of the most spectacular airports in Switzerland, if not even Europe.



Runway Preferential runway system
Identifier Approach Dimension Surface
ILS (CAT I) 3900 x 50 m
(12795 x 164 ft)

RWY 22 in use for arrivals and departures with tailwind components up to 4 kts. Otherwise, RWY 04 will be used.


METEO Reports
212120Z 02007KT 9999 SCT038 03/M01 Q1019 NOSIG
161420Z 05006KT 020V090 CAVOK 13/05 Q1016 NOSIG
161125Z 1612/1718 VRB02KT 9999 FEW025 TX13/1615Z TN05/1705Z TX14/1715Z
BECMG 1612/1614 CAVOK
BECMG 1709/1711 9999 SCT070

Charts - LSGG
F Approach APCH1 ILS0402.11.2023
F Approach APCH2 LOC0402.11.2023
F Approach APCH3 RNP0402.11.2023
F Approach APCH4 ILS2202.11.2023
F Approach APCH5 LOC2202.11.2023
F Approach APCH6 RNP2202.11.2023
F Arrival STAR1 AKITO DJL LUSAR03.12.2023
F Arrival STAR2 04 BANKO BELUS KINES02.11.2023
F Arrival STAR3 22 BANKO BELUS KINES02.11.2023
F Arrival STAR4 04 BENOT ULMES03.12.2023
F Arrival STAR5 22 BENOT ULMES02.11.2023
F Departure SID1 KONIL MOLUS02.11.2023
F Departure SID2 KONIL (NON-RNAV)02.11.2023
F Departure SID3 ARBOS DIPIR SIROD SPR02.11.2023
F Departure SID4 04 BALSI CBY DEPUL PAS02.11.2023
F Departure SID5 22 BALSI CBY DEPUL02.11.2023
F Departure SID6 MEDAM03.12.2023
F Departure SID7 ROCCA02.11.2023
F Departure SID8 TRANSIT02.11.2023
E General Airspace06.12.2020
F Ground GND1 AD02.11.2023
F Ground GND2 PARKING02.11.2023
C Package Package14.09.2018
F VFR VAC14.09.2018

Sceneries - LSGG
E Freeware Geneva Airport MSFS202018.08.2021
E Freeware Geneva Airport XP10 and XP1121.08.2018
E Payware Geneva Airport P3DV4 and V529.05.2020
E Payware Geneva Airport MSFS202015.06.2021
E Payware Geneva Airport XP1129.05.2020

LSAS_CTR Swiss Radar 135.015 MHz
LSAS_I_CTR Swiss Information 124.700 MHz
LSAG_CTR Swiss Radar 134.850 MHz
LSAG_E_CTR Swiss Radar 128.905 MHz
LSAG_N_CTR Swiss Radar 134.030 MHz
LSAG_S_CTR Swiss Radar 124.225 MHz
LSGG_APP Geneva Arrival 136.255 MHz
LSGG_F_APP Geneva Final 120.305 MHz
LSGG_DEP Geneva Departure 119.530 MHz
LSGG_TWR Geneva Tower 118.700 MHz
LSGG_GND Geneva Ground 121.680 MHz
LSGG_A_GND Geneva Apron 121.855 MHz
LSGG_ATIS Geneva ATIS 135.580 MHz


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